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Going Places Other Agencies Won’t

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At Moses we’re all about keeping things fresh. Whether it’s a new idea, a new approach or a new building to call our own, we like to put our signature touch of playful rebellion on everything we create. And as our clients will tell you, 2016’s holiday gift was no exception.

Forgoing the usual bottle of wine and the oh too common coffee mug, Moses opted to handcraft something that was one of a kind and one for the books: a soap on a rope with the simple message, “We go places other agencies won’t.”

Clever, custom and completely handcrafted – it’s what Moses is and will always be about. But it’s not just the gift itself that sums up our agency, it’s the way it was created.

We took a big idea, a small budget and brought the whole team together to make this small project stand out. Our copywriter came up with a concept, our creative team came through with the materials, and the entire staff came together to make it happen. So while most office wrapping parties consist of Scotch tape and ribbon, ours involved artisan soaps and branding irons – and really, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s to another year of going where other agencies won’t.

Moses 2016 Holiday Gift