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It’s Time to Listen to the Silence

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At Moses, we know loud. We know midday jam sessions. We know speakers blaring Blues Traveler through PR and Kanye West through Creative. We know some ideas can’t wait for a raised hand.

Louie Moses, drummer of garage band Random Karma and creative director of our independent agency, took the stage this past weekend at South by Southwest (SXSW). Louie joined a panel, instead of his band mates, and rather than emphasize the “loud” he recognized the silence within our agency and other agencies like it.

This silence surrounds the subject of race; not just the lack of diversity within agencies, but the use of stereotypes in hypertargeting and casting.

To end the silence on minority issues, advertisers and the agencies they work with have a responsibility to use their place in the media to discuss race: within and without their firm, in the work they produce and with the people they employ.

According to Louie, when agencies discuss racial diversity, “checking a box is not good enough because if we can’t have a conversation within our agencies then we can’t have a conversation with our clients.”

Rather than put consumers into boxes based on their race, Louie encourages a move toward storytelling that targets consumers based on universal human emotions. Louie, along with other agency executives, is working to steer the conversation of race away from the things that divide us.

“We’re all creative, and we have to find the way to use words to move the conversation forward,” he said. As experienced innovators, the Moses team always thrives on a challenge. And as experienced humans, we know this is a critical opportunity.