Here's to the
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We hire people not positions, and love people who defy job titles. So if you think you’ve got the stuff, give us your best shot.

Moses Internship Program

Moses Internship Program

Moses is an integrated marketing firm with advertising, interactive, media and public relations all under one roof. With dogs and humans alike roaming the hallways, it can get pretty chaotic. Although we are separated into departments, integration is key to our success; all disciplines are coordinated so strategies, messaging and insights are consistent throughout the agency. The atmosphere at Moses is fast and fun, requiring people who can switch gears at a moment’s notice.

Internship Information

Moses offers internships during the fall, spring and summer in several departments. We do our best to make this internship valuable to you for real world experience. As an intern, we want you to be involved, but that doesn’t include taking coffee orders. Our priority is to provide first-hand agency and client experience that you’ll benefit from in the future. We will work with you and your school to ensure that you receive college credit for the internship; however, we do not offer relocation assistance or reimbursement.

The time commitment requirement is 15-20 hours per week. The schedule during the week is up to you but we request that you keep it consistent week to week.

Make sure you are fine with these aspects of the internship before applying:

  • You will be asked to do some admin and grunt work – not a lot, but it will happen. If you feel that you are above that, don’t apply
  • You must have a proactive, “self-starter” personality
  • Be outgoing. A wilting flower doesn’t last long around here!
  • The internship will likely not end with a job offer. We like hiring interns when we can but it’s few and far between. If you are a stellar intern, we’ll try to help you find a job in the industry

Application – Your application should include a resume and cover letter. Please indicate on your cover letter if you will need to relocate to Arizona if selected for the internship.

Your resume and cover letter must be combined together into one PDF and the name of the file, must be your full name, for example “Johnny_Depp” (hint: this is a clue for us that you know how to follow directions). Don’t forget to address your application to the appropriate contact person listed in the job description for the internship you are applying for. If applying for more than one internship, please submit only one application and address it to all the appropriate contact people listed in order of preference.

Interview – Each internship coordinator will review all applications received for their specific internship. Because we often receive many internship applications, the internship coordinator must narrow them down to the top candidates for an interview. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t selected. Competition for internships can be tough. If selected, you will be asked to come to the office for an interview (note: the agency can be hard to find so plan your commute time accordingly). Interviews can be held by phone if you do not live in the Valley.

Selection – Each department head will select the candidate that is right for their department. All candidates will be notified.

Application and interview tips – Check the end of this document for our advice to intern applicants.

Job Description

Job descriptions are on the following pages for each of our departments offering internships. Please read each one carefully to determine which one meets your skills and/or interests you the most.

How to Apply

Send your completed application to






Account Services Intern

Contact: Jodi Elle – Director of Consumer Engagement


We Are

The account services department serves as the main point of communication between the client and the agency. We oversee the integration of each department to ensure our clients’ goals and objectives are met…with a smile.


We Want

A hardworking, ambitious, detail-oriented intern.


You Have
  • An interest in understanding all of the ins and outs of advertising
  • Microsoft Office Suite proficiency
  • A positive attitude and proactive work ethic
  • A sense of humor and creativity


You Will
  • Attend client meetings including regularly scheduled status meetings and strategic planning meetings
  • Assist account service managers and coordinators in preparing for meetings including preparation of agendas/materials, conference room set-up, etc.
  • Take notes and assist in writing of conference reports for meetings and detailing action items and next steps
  • Assist with administrative responsibilities including monthly billing, emailing, etc.
  • Participate in internal agency team meetings
  • Assist with “job requests” and “change orders” and monitor deadlines with the traffic department


You Are
  • Smart, but humble
  • Going to impress us so much that we fight over which of us gets to use you
  • Personable and able to build lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and vendors


You Believe
  • In effective communication. Both inside and outside the agency
  • Work should be fun






Public Relations Intern

Contact: Chris Fiscus – Director of Public Relations

We Are

The public relations department is responsible for media pitching, expert client positioning, and development of strategic and comprehensive PR plans.

We Want

A hardworking, ambitious intern who can be a team player.

You Have
  • Familiarity with and some experience in public relations
  • Good computer skills
  • Solid writing skills
  • Knowledge of AP style
  • A sense of humor and creativity
  • Good phone skills with the ability to comfortable make cold calls
  • A familiarity with Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels
You Will
  • Gain a strong understanding of an agency setting and the PR department specifically
  • Develop basic PR skills including writing, media relations and planning
  • Evaluate and measure public relations opportunities and efforts
  • Have good ideas and share them, even when they are not directly related to the public relations department
You Are
  • Smart, but not in a way that makes you want to explain quantum physics. We get it already!
  • Going to impress us so much that we fight over which of us gets to use you
  • Personable and able to build lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and media
You Believe
  • In finding someone’s story and getting it told
  • Work should be fun





Digital Intern

Contact: Dave Utley – Director of Technology

We Are

We are a digital minded agency with a passion for progressive ideas and we aren’t afraid to reach outside of the box to achieve them.

We Want

We are looking for an intern that is excited about web technology! Somebody that wants to learn! Somebody  that wants to help! Somebody that wants to be part of an awesome team and soak up as much knowledge as possible! Are you excited???? We’re excited!!!

You Have
  • Love for technology and a love for learning.
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • A passion for solving problems.
  • Drive for getting things done!
You Will
  • Learn how the pros do things!
  • Walk away feeling accomplished from projects!
  • Work on things you love and don’t. It’s all part of being on a team and don’t worry we have fun!
  • Be trusted with more complex tasks as your skills grow.
You Are
  • Incredibly smart and creative! Not a no-it-all but rather a learn-it-all!
  • Going to impress us so much that we fight over which of us gets to work with you!
  • Personable and able to build lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and vendors.
You Believe
  • Technology is exciting and there is no end to the possibilities!
  • This is the field that cries out to you and you want to become the best you can be.
  • Work should be fun!





Creative Intern

Contact: Matt Fischer – Associate Creative Director

We Are

Our creative department brings the strategy team’s work to life by developing and producing innovative concepts that continually reach past the boundaries of our clients’ expectations. We work on every form of media, from print and outdoor to digital and ambient. Our zany ideas go hand-in-hand with our unconventional personalities.

We Want
  • An intern that can design and has an interest in digital.
  • A copywriter that can concept as well as write headlines, long format and web copy.
  • A developer that is excited about being entrenched into a creative team.
You Have
  • Design proficiency
  • Conceptual / critical thinking skills
  • An ability to work with others
You Will
  • Concept
  • Execute (design, write or build)
  • Assist design, media, and account teams as needed and work alongside full-time creatives
You Are
  • Smart, but humble.
  • Curious.
  • A voracious consumer of media – be ready to tell us what kinds.
  • Going to impress us so much that we fight over which of us gets to work with you.
  • Personable and able to build lasting relationships with colleagues, clients and vendors.
You Believe
  • That the best ideas win
  • In doing, making, and building.
  • Work should be fun!






We want you to succeed! We’ve interviewed a lot of internship applicants over the years and have compiled a list of tips for the application and interviewing process. It’s up to you to put these into practice.

  • Do more research about the company than just reviewing our website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • The interwebs provide a wealth of advice on how to write a good cover letter and format a resume. These should be succinct yet provide enough detail so we know that we should interview you
  • Ask a friend to proofread your cover letter and resume thoroughly. You should read it, too
  • Review what courses or internships you’ve completed that would apply to that position – what was your role, what did you learn, etc. Bring in sample work
  • Prepare questions about the position or our company prior to the interview. You need to make sure you want to work for us just as much as we want you to
  • Do a mock interview with a friend to help you formulate concise responses to questions
  • Dress professionally for the interview. Watch the right pants and cleavage (we don’t want to)
  • Arrive early to the interview
  • Display confidence but don’t have an ego; display enthusiasm
  • Make eye contact with the interviewers
  • Watch your ums, likes, uhs and other filler words
  • Don’t tell us your age
  • If interviewing over the phone, make sure you schedule a time when you talk in a quiet place and can focus on the interview questions
  • Consider what your expectations are for and address them in the interview
  • Follow up with a thank you email or snail mail note after the interview
  • If you don’t get the position and want to know what you can improve upon, just as us
  • Be enthusiastic! We want people who want to be here

There’s no need to be nervous. We aren’t mean and want to see who you really are when talking with you, including your experiences and personality. Have fun with this and GOOD LUCK!!



Account Manager

Job Title: Account Manager

Reports to: Vice President, Director of Account Services

MOSES is a wholly owned subsidiary of no one. We are an integrated boutique agency with advertising, strategy, digital, video production, media, public relations and social media all under one roof. Creativity, smart thinking and strong relationships are the keys to our success.

Candidates must possess talent for working within a team and managing many simultaneous projects fluidly from proposal and pitch to completion and billing.


Main Responsibilities:
Account Management, Project Management

Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Building relationships of trust and confidence with clients and internal team
  • Interpreting complex data and writing logical, insightful recommendations
  • Assisting senior account team members
  • Working with the team to meet goals and recognize opportunities that will increase revenue for the agency
  • Collaborating with Strategy and Media teams to uncover relevant consumer insights, develop integrated marketing plans, and implement tactical executions
  • Working effectively with all departments to ensure smooth and profitable projects that are on strategy, on time, measureable, and within budget
  • Fostering a positive, can-do attitude and work ethic


  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a related field (Marketing, Advertising, Communications, etc.).
  • At least three to five years advertising agency experience (or directly relatable field) including experience with digital marketing, social marketing, and interactive projects
  • Experience with managing budgets, familiarity with P&Ls, proficiency in Excel
  • Experience in writing, formatting, and editing formal documents for reporting and pitching
  • Ability to handle multiple projects while maintaining attention to detail
  • Personable, professional and able to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients

E-mail cover letter, salary requirements, and resume to, Attn: Jodi Elle