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Cactus League

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When the Cactus League Baseball Association approached Moses for a new logo that would represent and define Spring Training in Arizona, we were ready to step up to the plate. Established in 1947, the Cactus League carries a rich history of delivering America’s pastime to the Valley each and every year. Because of this, they wanted a new image that would honor the past as much as it did the present.





As Phoenix natives ourselves, Moses set to work envisioning what Spring Training in Arizona really meant. After all, as any good Arizonan will tell you, there’s baseball and then there’s Spring Training.

For the average visitor, Spring Training isn’t just a series of warm-up games, it’s an entire experience filled with nostalgia and a notable Arizona signature. Moses needed visuals that would simultaneously capture the spirit of Spring Training without being too busy.





With a classic Americana look and visuals that combined the desert with the sport itself, Moses created a logo that was deemed “fresh and full of energy” by Cactus League President Mark Coronado. Since its showcase at the annual Cactus League kick-off, the logo has gone on to represent the league in all its future endeavors.

A home run that hit close to home, Moses was honored to be tasked with giving the brand a new look. “We know baseball, and we know tourism,” said Louie Moses. “Spring Training is so vital to Arizona and we’re proud to play a role in creating the image that will be seen by millions of people across the country.”