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In Harmony With Humanity

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For almost 30 years, Valley Metro Commute Solutions has hosted the Clean Air Campaign Awards and Luncheon, a large-scale event that recognizes those in the Valley who are making an effort to use and promote alternative forms of transit. In order to encourage recognition and attendance by those who are most involved with the Commute Solutions initiatives, Valley Metro turned to Moses for help.





The challenge lied in creating an event concept that would not only represent Commute Solutions in a fresh way but also get new and returning audience members excited.

As we began to brainstorm, we thought about the past icons whose values coincided with Valley Metro’s. One name came immediately to mind: Frank Lloyd Wright. Not only did Wright leave a lasting mark on Arizona with his signature style of architecture, he was also known for his philosophy of designing structures that were in harmony with humanity. For Valley Metro and its Clean Air Campaign, that’s what it was all about – existing with the natural landscape rather than on top of it, and doing our part to build a more sustainable city.





With Frank Lloyd Wright as our inspiration, we came up with the theme “In Harmony with Humanity.” Our touch points included photographs of the famous David Wright House, built by Frank Lloyd Wright himself, and the equally well-known Desert Botanical Gardens; both of which stood as stunning examples of how residents could coexist with their environment instead of destroying it.

We presented our visuals in a kaleidoscope style, repeating one perfectly mirrored image after another. By doing this, we were able to communicate that there’s more to Arizona than just a quick glance, and incidentally more to using alternative modes of transit than just saving money.

The overall result was an event concept that captured the eye as much as it did the core message of the Valley Metro’s Clean Air campaign.