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It’s Only Dangerous

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When the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) came to Moses, they were ready for a change. ADHS needed to launch an HIV awareness campaign that would not only provide community outreach and education but also promote regular HIV testing as a normal part of everyday wellness.

In order to make sure this campaign was as effective as it was different, we needed to change the tone of HIV awareness.







First, we ditched the fear tactics for something more empowering – a solution-focused campaign that showed the audience that change was in their hands. Forget scaring or shaming people out of getting tested, we wanted this to be a judgment-free zone. After all, HIV prevention isn’t about who you are, it’s about what you know.

Awareness was a cornerstone to this campaign. The idea being that the only danger surrounding HIV infection comes from not knowing your status or the status of your partner.







To highlight this point, we showcased everyday dangers that could happen to anyone if they weren’t aware: walking into a street sign, a glass door, an open manhole cover. Eye-catching and approachable, clever but without being flippant, these ads – which appeared on billboards, buildings, etc. – all had one common goal: direct people to to get tested and informed.

The campaign was a national success – featured in the New York Times and Adweek – and generated a 1,206% increase in web traffic. The number of visitors searching for HIV services in Arizona grew by 66.31% and further content including YouTube videos and interactive Snapchat filters furthered the reach of the message.