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Pinnacle Law

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A legal website that doesn’t follow the rules? You can bet Moses was behind it.

When defense attorney John Rhude left his previous firm and set out to form Pinnacle Law, he turned to Moses to make it happen. Starting more or less from scratch, Moses was tasked with putting together a new brand identity for the firm that would include a logo, marketing collateral and a website.

With plenty of other firms specializing in DUIs, speeding violations and charges related to marijuana, domestic violence and other felonies, Pinnacle Law needed to not only stand on its own but also stand out from the competition.





First, we had to look at what other firms were doing – and then do it differently. While other firms were content with the age old concept of big, bad lawyers unleashing scare tactics, Moses and the client agreed it was worth pursuing a warmer, more modern M.O.

With a target audience that included any age, race, gender and income level, Pinnacle Law needed to be, at its core, approachable for all. The main idea: mistakes can happen to anyone, fortunately there are people who can help.


feat-proj_Pinnacle-Law-billboard-1 feat-proj_Pinnacle-Law-billboard-2



Taking the attributes from above into consideration, Moses created a logo; it was more of a brand foundation really. This logo represents the surrounding area and imbues a calm and trustworthy quality to the viewer. The accompanying marketing collateral followed suit to include letterhead, envelopes and business cards that direct the viewer to a website that’s easy to navigate and informative to the user. This, paired with regional media buys such as outdoor boards and online ads, also increased brand recognition.

With an increase of more than 100 clients over the past year, 212 new phone call leads driven with click-to-call actions and SEM efforts that made Pinnacle Law the top search result in the traffic law category in Arizona, we’re proud to report that this was a successful branding campaign.


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