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Put a Little Play Into Your Day

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When the Arizona Department of Health Services approached Moses, they were ready to get moving – literally. ADHS was looking to launch a campaign targeted toward low-income families statewide that would promote the benefits of physical activity.

With so many barriers surrounding working out, such as time, cost, weather conditions and the overall perception that exercise isn’t enjoyable, Moses needed to approach physical activity in a way that was fun and family oriented.





To start, we avoided words like “fitness” and “exercise” and opted for language that insinuated everyday entertainment, in a tone that was friendly, upbeat, and motivating. Then we took it a step further, changing the idea of physical activity from bothersome chore to bite-sized treat, something rewarding that you could fit into your everyday life.






“Put a Little Into Your Day” did just that. It spoke to all-ages and motivated them to do activities as a family that just so happened to be good for their health. The campaign, which appeared on TV, billboards, posters and other digital and print collateral – featured parents and children turning household chores into games and spending quality time in ways that got them moving.