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Helping Insight Connect IQ with IT

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Moses, Inc. just gave Insight’s bytes a little bark, making sure that IT stands for more than Information Technology. Insight is making a push for Intelligent Technology, tech with brains, aptitude, and the ability to think. It is the collaboration between IT and the skills to use it, acknowledging that businesses need to do more than just run; they need to run smarter.

Moses began working on the project in November 2015, beginning with the idea of IQ Meets IT. That idea evolved into a belief that clients have a dual responsibility for both IQ and IT.

Insight can help meet these responsibilities with Intelligent Technology solutions that provide for a better and more efficient business.

Moses pushed this belief across three of Insight’s main verticals: Education, Healthcare, and SMB (Small to Medium Business). Deliverables included:

• Videos
• Campaign landing pages
• Display ads
• Collateral
• Email templates

The deliverables were completed in mid-February and presented at an industry sales rally. Together, Moses and Insight are determined to give other IT solution providers something to keep up with.