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Wanna Step Outside? We Do, With Our New Client

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Moses Inc. is proud to start working with the Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL), a Washington, D.C.-based umbrella organization that is the trusted representative of the public lands partner community.

Member organizations of the varied APPL include the Death Valley Natural History Association, the Everglades Association, Friends of Valley Forge, Glacier National Park Conservancy and the Mount Rushmore Society. APPL includes the Grand Canyon Association, the non-profit partner of Grand Canyon National Park and an existing Moses client.

Moses will be working with APPL on research, strategy, branding and public relations. The association and Moses will work on a new logo, name and national priorities.

“It’s a great organization doing important work to preserve and protect our national treasures,” said Moses President and Creative Director Louie Moses. “It’s also a natural extension of what we have done for decades, whether working with luxury California hotels or representing the Arizona Office of Tourism for more than 20 years.”

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