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Adventure Renewed

Small budgets, big ideas – it’s a common conundrum in the agency world. So when the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) came to Moses with a set budget, we had to get creative with our approach.


Arizonans renew their fishing licenses about every three years. Our top priority was to reach previous license holders who have lapsed or churned and remind them why it’s time to get back out there.



Moses spearheaded field research that revealed that lapsed anglers tend to be driven by a desire to recreate the fishing experience that made them fall in love with the sport. Charting new territory was appealing but not as powerful as recapturing that initial rush.


Moses needed a campaign concept that would drive Arizonans to (re)discover the unforgettable experiences that AZGFD works to preserve. Adventure Renewed did just that, with visuals depicting the faded image of the great outdoors being brought back to life and captured through the saturated perspective of a mobile screen; the idea being that these are moments you’ll want to remember and recreate.


The campaign appealed to both first-time anglers and advanced outdoorspeople alike, letting them know that improving their quality of life was easily accessible. All they needed was to buy or renew their fishing license – simple as that.



To drive our message home, we launched an interactive campaign complete with a landing page and a drip campaign designed to nurture interaction. Retargeting ads continued the conversation and a tag board encouraged social engagement by sharing photos of their outdoor adventures with the hashtag #adventurerenewed.

In the first month alone, the campaign increased license sales by 33% and combo license sales by 52%. This generated a total net revenue of $52,000, roughly tripling the return on media investment. The results exceeded all client goals and we’d be “line” to you if we said we weren’t pleased.