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Arizona Office of Tourism

We began working with the Arizona Office of Tourism in 1994. Over the next 22 years, we proceeded to produce over 250 TV spots, hundreds of billboards, thousands of print and magazine ads, won over 200 national creative awards and brought millions of visitors to the state.

Our ad campaigns were lauded as the best in the world by organizations like HSMAI, the National Addys and the New York Advertising Festival. And our founder and creative director Louie Moses, was awarded the prestigious Tourism Person of the Year award in 2002. Understanding the many different audiences who love to travel to our state made for fantastic fodder creatively and translated into incredible revenue for Arizona. In fact, the number one industry in Arizona became tourism while we were in charge of the marketing. Tourism remains a key economic indicator for growth fueled by visitations, day trips, and extended meetings and conferences.


Research showed us there were a few cities that had a higher propensity to travel to Arizona. The two cities for this campaign were Chicago and Minneapolis. We called them “Target Cities”. The research also showed they repeated their travel habits and if we could get them to take a day trip, explore a different outdoor adventure, or get pampered, it would be a revenue win for the state.



We creatively tapped into the personality of our target cities traveler with a campaign called, “ARIZODIAC”. We matched each zodiac sign with a suggesting adventure in a lighthearted way. Tailoring trips to personality types proved to be a hit. Day trips increased by almost 50% during the duration of the campaign. Stretching limited budgets with creative solutions is what we do best. It proved the stars were aligned for Moses and AOT.