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Aunt Rita's Foundation

In 2017, the CDC announced that people living with HIV, who maintain an undetectable viral load through daily treatment, have zero risk of transmitting the virus to anyone through any activity. This ultimately launched a national campaign known as Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U).

However, as life-changing as this milestone is, U=U awareness has been slow to gain momentum. Which is why Aunt Rita’s Foundation – an Arizona-based nonprofit dedicated to the elimination of, and suffering from, HIV and AIDS – reached out to Moses for help. 



Moses set to work creating a statewide campaign to ensure this groundbreaking news reached the people it was intended to benefit (i.e. everyone). It would be used across the board: ads for print, digital and out-of-office placement as well as a microsite and other creative assets. As an added bonus, it would also tie into the larger U=U campaign happening nationwide.



This campaign would be an opportunity to make a really big deal out of this really big change. And with U=U being at odds with the status quo, we decided to create a narrative that was both celebratory and ballsy AF. But how would we make sure that we spoke to everyone without singling out a specific group of people? Easy. We wouldn't use people at all.



Inspired by Midcentury Modern aesthetic, Moses featured friendly, custom-illustrated characters: a yeti, a unicorn, a mermaid – hell, even Bigfoot made an appearance. We then paired these approachable, mythical creatures with a bold color palette and an atomic-style headline that read “HIV HIV Hooray!”

Yeah, you read that right. It was a message that evoked all the feels while fighting against the fear and stigma that have long been attached to HIV. And we’re not going to lie, it did ruffle some feathers. But since when has that stopped us from doing what’s best for our clients? (Hint: never.)

We also used playful subheads to explain the message further and even made clever callbacks to the U=U campaign. All in all, it was campaign that both Moses and the client could stand behind – a disruptive celebration that raised eyebrows as much as it did awareness. Because, in order to make a difference, you need to actually do something different.