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Brighten The Family Table

Eating healthy is easier said than done. And when the Arizona Nutrition Network approached Moses for a campaign that would increase awareness, encourage behavior change, challenge perceptions around convenience and affordability, and drive traffic to its signature site, – we knew we had our plates full.


So we asked our audience, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)-eligible moms statewide, about their lives. And the challenge was real. Eating well takes time and resources - both of which were in short supply. Our research showed that moms had a strong desire to feed their families nutritious foods, and were very tapped into health and wellness information and trends. It was the practical challenges getting in the way. Moreover, moms said they loved recipes but didn’t want to be tied to them — instead valuing being able to improvise, scale up and down, and substitute ingredients. As one mom described, “Real life is throwing together what’s in your fridge.”

We set out to spread the word that with some creativity, it is possible to put nutrient-rich food on the table on a limited budget. Rather than promoting specific food groups, we turned to color and encouraged moms to experiment with variety. With family meals as an umbrella message, we emphasized that eating well can be a shared experience, ultimately establishing healthy habits for everyone involved.



Tone was key. We needed to recognize the sincere efforts of those who were already trying to put nutritious food on table, and promote change by being friendly, motivating and real.

The result was a fully-fledged campaign consisting of print, outdoor, TV ads and more – all of which depicted vibrant vegetables and fruits with the headline “Brighten the Family Table.” Straightforward but with subtle connotations, the campaign associated healthy, colorful eating with a healthy, colorful life, and generated 25,750,997 impressions and a 37% lift in site visits.