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Public Lands Alliance

At Moses, we are creators at heart. We’re not afraid to start from scratch or start over. So when the Public Lands Alliance (PLA), formerly the Association of Partners for Public Lands (APPL), asked us to rebrand their nearly 30-year-old organization and build recognition of that brand, we were more than happy to help with the remodel.

The Public Lands Alliance is the only national organization created by – and for – nonprofits that preserve and protect America’s public lands. An advocate for the advocates, PLA provides a voice on the Hill, training, and invaluable networking opportunities to its annual Convention & Trade Show attendees. Maximizing the organization’s capacity to help its members and their constituents needed to starting with a clear, modern and resonant brand identity. This was more important than ever in a time of emerging trends, non-profit mergers, aging infrastructure on public lands, declining state and federal budgets, and changing demographics.

To show that PLA is an organization worth joining, we needed to highlight its ability to gather and provide the knowledge, resources, and support that it is uniquely positioned to provide.



First, we set to work at renaming the brand. It needed to be bold and, at the same time, all-encompassing. After thorough evaluation, we delivered a name that was concise without being confining, that accurately defined the organization while also positioning them as an authority in public land preservation: Public Lands Alliance. The new tag line – “Connect. Strengthen. Represent.” – speaks directly to the values that could be gained from aligning with the organization.

From there, our creative team set to work at creating a brand identity that would not only embody what the organization stood for but also give them a more modern, and incidentally relevant, look.

We created an identity that was both streamlined and symbolic, with juxtaposed letters creating a space for viewers to interpret the shapes that best represented the aforementioned public lands: a tent, a mountain, and a monument. With warm earth tones that evoke the PLA identity, this logo established a new brand that not only stood out but stood strong.



We worked with our client every step of the way, ensuring that PLA felt as involved in the process of creating its new identity as we were. As a result, PLA was not only pleased with the new brand that we had built for them, but impressed with the level of dedication and collaboration we provided.